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A Reiki is perfect for relieving the stresses of daily life. When you receive a Reiki treatment healing energies are channeled.. The gentle flow of healing energy is deeply relaxing to receive.

Reiki is a natural therapy that has many potential health benefits . The following are some examples of what a Reiki may assist you with: pain, support for the immune system, allergies, hormones, fatigue, reducing blood pressure, better sleep.

Freedom from pain or pain management is often a reason for a Reiki. Several Reikis are needed to achieve relief from chronic pain. Freedom from pain reduces stress.

Reiki heals aspects of your mind. Some aspects are: stress, self confidence, worry, anxiety, anger, fear, current issues and situations.

Clairvoyant information is provided during an appointment so you understand what is being healed. At times we benefit from a fresh approach. If you need help to find more peace around relationships, circumstances at home or work, I can help you with supportive understandings through clairvoyance.

For some people colour therapy may be the answer for treating a chronic health condition. Colour therapy is also suitable for short term treatment.

Colour Therapy

The aim of colour therapy is health and wellness, benefiting physical conditions and mental well-being. There are many possible reasons for having colour therapy.

Colour therapy is set up according to your priority. The human body possesses a natural ability to heal itself. Colour therapy aims to compliment this natural process. The healing energies from colour therapy are utilized throughout your body improving your body's natural ability to repair itself.

Stress may be the underlying cause of illness. Over a period of time stress takes a toll on aspects of physical health. You may have become susceptible to illness or infection. By reducing stress levels through colour therapy you can expect an improvement in your ability to cope along with better health.

All appointments will be supported by clairvoyance. You may like to have helpful information and understandings relevant to what is being healed.

Colour therapy is compatible with other types of healthcare and is suitable for any age group.