How Colour Therapy Works

According to the theory of light each colour moves at a specific frequency. Healing energies move at frequencies similar to light.

Owing to the pressures of life your mind and body don't always function at an optimal level. Every cell in your body vibrates at a certain frequency. Healing energy used during colour therapy moves at a frequency that is capable of supplementing your body's pre-existing energies.

During an appointment there will be an evaluation of the healing required. From the evaluation that takes place the most suitable healing needed will be dowsed for using coloured cottons. The coloured cottons represent the healing required to improve your health.

When you are receiving colour therapy the healing energy goes where it is needed. The healing energy is frequently used by the endocrine system. Your endocrine glands produce hormones which behave as chemical messengers that assist with the functioning of your body.

Healing takes time. Your health evaluation indicates the time frame required to achieve wellness.  Colour therapy creates well-being of your mind and body and returns you to a better state of health.




Pituitary gland

Third Eye

Pineal gland


Thyroid gland


Immune system

Solar plexus





Adrenal glands