How Colour Therapy Works

There are records indicating that colour therapy was used during the early history of Egypt and Greece. Sir Isaac Newton and Christiaan Huygan's are known for their contribution to science. Their theories of light help explain how colour therapy works.

Light travels in waves and can be separated into colours as demonstrated when a rainbow forms. Each colour vibrates at its own speed or frequency. Healing energies move at frequencies similar to light.

Stress and emotions alter the health of your mind and body over a period of time. When you receive colour therapy the healing energies operate at frequencies that are capable of supplementing or repairing your body's natural functions.

Clairvoyant information will help clarify what can be healed for you. The healing will be dowsed for using coloured cottons. Colour therapy is set up towards aspects of the mind and body.

When you are receiving colour therapy the healing energy goes where it is needed. The healing energy is often used by the endocrine system. Your endocrine glands produce hormones which behave as chemical messengers. Colour therapy is easy to receive over a period of time.

Colour therapy creates well-being of your mind and body and returns you to a better state of health.




Pituitary gland

Third Eye

Pineal gland


Thyroid gland


Immune system

Solar plexus





Adrenal glands