About Sas

Sas received her Reiki Teacher training in 1997. She has been healing people through Reiki and colour therapy since then. She is committed to helping people improve their health and wellbeing.

The reasons  for a Reiki or colour therapy are many and varied. Working with people has helped Sas understand how your mind affects the health of your body. She is able to help you improve your health by healing the underlying cause of your health condition. If you have an issue affecting your peace of mind Sas may be able to help you achieve a fresh outlook through her ability to receive clairvoyant information.

Healing is always directed towards what you would like to have treated and can be for any aspect of your health. Sas works with you so you can meet an achievable health goal in a nurturing environment. The healing she provides supports many health conditions.

Sas is able to assist people who would like to receive help with long term problems. Colour therapy is suitable for improving chronic health conditions with a minimum effort. Colour therapy is set up for the period of time required for effective results.

Sas was a primary school teacher while her children were young. Her teaching experience assists when teaching Reiki. She shares valuable skills and knowledge developed over twenty five years.