How Colour Therapy Works

There are records indicating that colour therapy was used during the early history of Egypt and Greece. Sir Isaac Newton is known for his contribution to science. The theory of light helps explain how colour therapy works.

Colour therapy works similar to the theory of light. White light can be separated into many colours as demonstrated when white light passes through a prism. According to the theory of light each colour vibrates at a specific speed and wavelength.

When you are healing through colour therapy the healing energies move at frequencies similar to light. Coloured cottons are used to represent healing. They are dowsed to find the healing that is best suited for you. The healing is set up from this information.

Colour therapy is set up according to your highest priority. Your body takes in the healing energy from the colour therapy as required. It is used to repair and replenish where it's needed most improving your physical and emotional health.


Your body has energy centres called chakras. Chakras help regulate the movement of energy that flows throughout your body. The flow of internal energies is essential for the maintenance of good health.

The main chakras are all located near an endocrine system. When the colour therapy enters through a chakra it is used by the nearest endocrine gland or the nervous system. The glands in the endocrine system affect almost every organ and cell in your body.




Pituitary gland

Third Eye

Pineal gland


Thyroid gland


Immune system

Solar plexus





Adrenal glands