Reiki Classes

I really enjoy teaching Reiki and teach Reiki levels 1, 2, and 3A and Teacher level.

My aim for the classes is to provide enough relevant information at each level to meet certain goals some of which are set out below. I have a primary school teaching background. A manual is provided with each course. All the courses are two day courses from 9.00am to 4.00pm. All enquiries are welcome. Please contact via email or phone either 07 571 2506 or 022 309 8155.

Reiki 1

In the late 1800's Dr Usui, a Japanese scholar discovered an ancient Tibetan method of healing which is now called The Usui Method of Natural Healing commonly known as Reiki.

The main reason for attending a Reiki one course is to learn how to heal yourself and other people. Learning how to heal is easy. Anyone who is willing to become a healer can easily achieve this. When you become a Reiki healer you receive the gift of healing for life. A two day course is available to assist with knowledge of how to heal.

By attending the course you are guaranteed to have the ability to heal. Having the ability to heal is ensured through a process of attunements. An attunement is a special healing provided by a Reiki teacher. The attunements open and clear pre-existing channels. This enables your body to channel the life force energy (Reiki) through your hands creating healing for yourself and others.

You will be given a full understanding of how to use Reiki energy and how to integrate it into your life. This course is a tool for growth through the healing that takes place. If you are ready there will be clairvoyant development available to you for when you are healing people.

The course will cover the traditional methods of providing Reiki: the traditional hand positions and intuitive healing. You will learn how to use Reiki in a variety of situations. The course will also cover the history of Reiki, group Reiki, and a basic knowledge of energy fields i.e. auras and chakras in relation to Reiki.

Reiki 2

Reiki Two is also a two day course. You will be provided with one attunement and taught three sacred Reiki symbols. The symbols which are empowered, have an ability to manifest. The symbols can be used to improve your life.

Each of these symbols has several purposes. The main purpose of the first symbol is to draw in more energy i.e. to increase the capacity for Reiki to flow through you as the healer. The second symbol is for emotional healing. The third symbol is for distance healing. Using this symbol enables you to send healing absently. The recipient receives healing when they are elsewhere. There are many other uses for all the symbols.

Detailed information will be provided on how to use these Reiki symbols.

Reiki 3

Reiki 3 has two levels; Reiki 3a and Reiki teacher. Reiki 3a may be your introduction to the teacher level.

Reiki 3a

The Reiki 3A course teaches you how to attune people using the Heart Attunement. A Heart Attunement  is a sacred healing that gives a person the ability to channel Reiki ( healing energy ) on a temporary basis. The recipient of the Heart attunement will have the ability to heal themself for approximately three weeks.

The purpose of using a Heart Attunement is so that people can provide healing for themself. It is for people who need more healing than can be provided easily by someone else. They are able to provide self-healing for a few weeks. It is excellent for recuperation. The Reiki Master symbol is taught as it is used as a part of the attunement process.

The course will cover a professional approach towards working with Reiki clients. There will be opportunity for development of Reiki skills and clairvoyance.

Reiki Teacher

The overall aim of the Reiki teacher's course is for you to be able to teach Reiki. The course will cover the content needed to set up your own teaching for all Reiki class levels. You will also be taught how to attune students for all levels of Reiki.